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Microblading Eyebrows is a cutting-edge method of Semi-Permanent Makeup Designed to Enhance the Eyebrows. It Involves A Certified and Licensed Artist Using A Handheld Tool with A Very Fine Blade to Draw Individual Hairs, Creating the Illusion of Full and Perfectly Shaped Beautiful Eyebrows.

*BEST for Clients with SOME Natural Brow Hair Throughout Brow Region. 

*BEST for Clients with Normal/Dry Skin

Price: $650

This includes the initial treatment & Touch Up Appointment



Microshading (Combo Brows) is 50% Microblading Technique & 50% Ombre' Brow Powder Technique.

The Semi-Permanent Makeup Technique for Non-Existent, Sparse, Light-Colored or Over-Plucked Brows.

Microshading Fills in the Eyebrow with Small Dots as the Foundation then Completes the look with Natural Hair Strokes. Due to the Accents of Microblading, and Ombre Powder, this is known as  "Combo Brows".

*BEST for Clients with Little to None Natural Brow Hair Throughout Brow Region but Desires a Natural Look.

*BEST for Clients with ALL Skin Types (Oily/Normal/Dry)

*BEST for Clients Who Desires to Go from Thinner to Thicker

Price: $750 

This includes the initial treatment & Touch Up Appointment



*Ombré Powder Brows Have a More “Filled-In” Look. 

The Healed Results Appear Like Softly Shaded Brow Pencil or Eyebrow Makeup. Immediately After the Treatment, Ombré Powder Brows Can Appear More Saturated and Bold, however, Brows Will Fade 20-30%, Leaving a Very Soft Finish and Shape That Will Allow Our Clients to Quickly Groom Their Brows Going Forward.

*BEST for Clients Without Any Natural Hair

(does not exclude clients with natural hair)

*BEST for Clients With Sensitive Skin Such As Keloid/Hypertrophic Scarring

*BEST for Clients Needing Cover Up/Corrections

*BEST for Clients Whom Desire A Filled In Look 

*BEST for Clients Who Wear Makeup Daily


Price: $700

This includes the initial treatment & Touch Up Appointment 

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Lip Blushing is a Form of Semi-Permanent Makeup. Essentially, it's a Cosmetic Tattoo of the Lips that Enhances the Beauty of the Natural Lip Color, Improving the Shape of the Lips, Giving Definition and the Illusion of Fullness. The Treatment Delivers Very Natural Results, Once Healed. Filler is Great for Creating Volume in Your Lips, however, Lip Blushing Offers a More Natural Look and the Illusion of Fuller Lips.

Price: $450 

This does not include a Touch Up Session 


NEW Alternative to Needle Lip Injections.

The BEST thing about HYALURON LIP PLUMP is there's Minimal - NO PAIN!

Results Are Natural and Instant & 100% HYALURONIC ACID is used. Ideal for Clients That Are Frightened or Uncomfortable With Needles. This Pain-Free Treatment is Less Invasive and Fast, Allowing Clients to Plump and Fill Their Lips.

Price:  $450

This does not include a Touch Up Session


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